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Technical Information

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Steel Windows and Doors USA distributes Fire Rated Casement Windows in Cold Rolled Steel.


Steel Casement Window


  • Minimum exterior frame depth
  • Insert inset into the frame providing a flush exterior surface
  • Manufactured from galvanized cold rolled steel
  • Uniform sight lines
  • Frames and inserts fabricated with corners mitered and secured by welding
  • Standard glazing material 3/4 hour fire rated
  • Automatic fusible link heat activated closure
  • Fire-Rated Ratings - Inquire for details
  • Heavy duty, stainless steel, four-bar hinges
  • Double Q-Lon weather-stripping around entire perimeter of insert.
  • May be "zero" mulled with fixed Series 950 for larger openings
  • Glazing retainers secured with machine screws
  • Finished with weather resistant powder coating in nine standard colors
  • Sub-frame mounting systems supplied with all windows
  • Underwriters Laboratories tested and classified
  • Finish on standard colors, baked polyester powder coat.
  • Mitered, corner keyed frame and sash joinery
  • Glazed with cold rolled formed steel glazing beads
  • Various sized factory glazing available
  • In swing casements,out swing units
  • Manufactured in USA


  • Premium clear non-wire glazing
  • Custom Colors

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Composition & Materials


All products in this line are cold rolled frame members typically at a minimum of 20 gage steel with minimum depth sizes.


Fire Rated windows are factory glazed


Windows are offered in various colors and can be painted in a wide range of custom colors to suite your needs.


Get in touch with us to discuss recommended minimum and maximum sizes.

Technical Data

Applicable Standards

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

  • ANSI Z97.1- glazing materials used in buildings, safety performance specifications and methods of test.

American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM)

  • ASTM E283 - Standards Test Method for determining the rate or air leakage through exterior windows, curtain walls, and doors under specified pressure differences across the specimen
  • ASTM E331 - Standards Test Method for Water penetration of exterior windows, curtain walls, and doors by uniform static air pressure difference.
  • ASTM C1036 -Standard Specification for Flat glass.

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL)

  • Standards for classification of Fire Resistance on Window Frames.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

  • NFPA 80-Standards for Fire Doors and Fire Windows.
  • NFPA 257- Standards for Fire Test for Window and Glass Block Assemblies.

Fire Rating

Our Fire Rated window manufacturer's products have been tested and are certified for fire rated applications, in accordance with the standards set forth by various fire-rating associations.

Availability & Cost

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